Welcome To Rimini #3

feat. Surf Dancer

Elektronische Tanzmusik

The Pressetext is strong in this one:

"Welcome To Rimini #3 at Golem

Disco / Italo Disco / Electronic Dance Music with the Rimini Flavour of a hot summernight back in the eighties. For those who really love good music!

This time with the one and only Surf Dancer [Bordello a Parigi, ZYX] who will play an amazing live set for all the italo lovers!

Surf Dancer is a cosmic synth warrior who surfs the waves of spacetime in perpetual 80s disco madness. He grew up listening to kitschy eurodisco and wore a mullet after it was cool. His music draws inspiration from a wide spectrum of styles ranging from electro-funk to italo disco, hi-nrg and oddball synthpop, all mixed up with a twisted sense of humor.

During the recent years Surf Dancer has toured Germany, Finland, Sweden, Czechia, Italy and The Netherlands. In 2016 he released the legendary Rainbow Man EP on Bordello a Parigi, one of the hottest disco labels of our era. This year he appeared on an Italo Disco compilation of the prestigious ZYX label. In late 2017 we can expect a second Bordello a Parigi EP which will make the dancefloors around the world shake with Moog basslines and P-funk leads.

Surf Dancer's live act is constantly trying to push the limits and find out what happens when you turn things up to eleven. Every gig is a sight to behold, if only to see which Hawaiian shirt he's wearing this time."


  • Surf Dancer (Bordello a Parigi, ZYX)
  • Meda DJ
  • Niggypop (Welcome To Rimini)
  • Pengi (Welcome To Rimini)


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